Wednesday, 12 August 2015

About Hayley Polsen - MND Run to New York Blogger

Hayley Polsen is a recently qualified Freelance Journalist with a background in writing.

Hayley has over 14 years experience in the Financial Services industry of which six years was spent in London working for six major Investment Banks.

She also runs a growing Health & Nutrition business as a Health & Wellness Coach. She has helped people around Australia as well as America and the United Kingdom reach their health goals.

Hayley has travelled extensively and has an affinity with the New York Marathon as a result of her brothers attempt in 2009.

A keen animal advocate, she also has a strong passion for helping others.

Hayley's personal blog can be viewed at

For any enquiries in relation to a free Wellness Assessment or Freelance Journalism projects, she can be contacted via email

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