Friday, 28 August 2015

Chris Chambers

How does someone go from being a self-confessed ordinary and occasional golfer to running the New York Marathon?

And when that person is closer to 110 kg, out of shape and largely inactive, making such a decision is perhaps best explained by the few glasses of wine being shared at the time.

But what makes this even more extraordinary is that at that time, Chris Chambers didn’t even own a pair of athletic shoes, shorts or shirts.

Married to Kylie and Father of Jackson, 40 year old Chris is motivated by and passionate about curing MND. Chris explained that he became aware of MND through Kylie’s friendship with Julianne O’Neil and through her and husband Colin, met Scott on several occasions. Chris also lost his Grandmother to a similar disease.

Chris spoke emotively about MND, how horrible it is saying, “The more money we raise the better, and the sooner the better. I am using my networks through Facebook and e-mailing people I know and that is going well. I have also achieved some donation success from business associates by reaching out on LinkedIn.

We are all getting out there training come rain, hail or shine – and it’s a testament to the passion many of us feel to raise awareness for the MND cause and finding a cure for this horrible disease.”

Chris is largely following the training program being posted by Paul Olds and involves three sessions a week, two of about an hours duration and a longer run on the weekend. Last weekends longer session was 37 k and Chris and several others “ran” the “Bloody Long Walk” from Shorncliffe to Kurilpa Bridge.

Chris is motivated to train by the fear of the pain he knows he is going to feel explaining “I know I am going to feel it at the 35 k mark and the more training I get in, the stronger I will feel about being able to break through that.  I have become obsessive about reading different strategies of how to tackle New York and take much from the saying– Pain is Temporary but the Sense of Accomplishment is Permanent.

So my training is getting me to the point where I know that when I feel just dead,  I will have the confidence to keep moving and just how amazing that is going to feel at the end

I get emotional now thinking about the last kilometre, so I can’t imagine what it will be like doing it. I think about this while I am out running and it keeps me going. I imagine the view of the New York skyline and just what it will feel like at the finish line.

When asked what his post run plans are, Chris had just one word – “Beer”.

Chris is the Director of Digital Marketing at Queensland Events and Tourism where he receives support from colleagues including several running buddies and mentioned Michael Sommer in particular.  

He also referenced the support he is receiving from his sister and regular “rev ups” from his Father.  And 11 year old Jackson “thinks it’s pretty cool”.

“It’s not running it under 4 or 5 hours to me – it is about putting my mind to something that 12 months ago would have seemed impossible. It’s knowing I can run the distance to have the sense of accomplishment and being a small part of supporting a cure for MND”

Chris added:

“Every dollar puts you a dollar closer to finding the cure. So if one of the dollars my family or friends donate can ultimately be the dollar that solves the riddles then how fantastic is that.”

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Author: Colin Morley

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